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The Winners of the Picture Jersey 2016/17 Photographic Competition

'Two Landmarks'
Gary Power

'Surfers at St Brelade'
Bill Wood

'Just Before the Rain at Corbiere'
Siddarth Ahlawat

'Bonne Nuit Sunrise'
Mark Leonard 

'Moos in the Mist'
Callum Jones

'Beauport in September'
Jason Masteman 

The Winners of the Picture Jersey 2015/16 Photographic Competition

'Jersey Longboard Surf Club'
by Murielle Nicolas

'A Winter's Dawn at Les Ecrehous'
by Colin Griffiths

'The Hungry Man at Rozel'
by Colin Griffiths

'The White House in St Ouen's Bay'
by Gary Power

'Surfers at St Ouen'
by Gary Power

'A Road in St Ouen'
by Marcin Pajak

The Winners of the Picture Jersey 2014/15 Photographic Competition

by Vince Thorne

'Le Braye slip in August'
by Alan Pryor

'Les Ecrehous'
by Przemyslaw Shem Podstawka

'Out with the Drag Hunt'
by David Evans

'The White House'
by Kevin Brace

'Paraglider at Les Platons'
by David Evans

The Winners of the Picture Jersey 2013 Photographic Competition

'The White House'
by Grant Mackenzie

'Sunset at La Rocco'
by Sue Baudins

''Tide Marks'
by Eileen Goldsborough

'Lazy days at St Ouen’s Bay'
by Douglas Marsh

by David Evans

'Sunset at Le Hocq'
by Mary Horton

The Winners of the Picture Jersey 2012 Photographic Competition

'Sunset Reflections'
by Paul Carpenter

'Colourful Jersey'
by Douglas Marsh

by Becky Glover

'Reflections at Robin's Bay'
by Karyn Martin

'Before the Fog at Corbiere'
by Jane Pinel

'Plemont Cliff Path Walk'
by Sue Baudins

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